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cable pavement cover ev charger & ev charging warning sign

Why buy an Edion cable protector?

UK designed and manufactured EV charging accessories. Innovative products to safely and easily charge an electric vehicle.

Secure the EV cable under the cable protector

The EV cable can be attached to the cable protector using the included cable ties slotted through pre drilled holes. Once attached the EV cable cannot move out from under the cable protector ensuring safer EV charging.

Patent pending design.

Stays flat to the ground

The wide, heavy duty outdoor cable protector has a width of 120mm and the heavyweight design helps the cable protector stay flat to the ground and remain in place.

cable protector and ev cable rolled together

Easy to roll & unroll

With the EV cable secured to the flexible cable protector it is very quick and easy to unroll ready for charging and roll up once charging has finished. No need to put the EV cable under the protector each time.