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Innovating in EV

The Edion® brand, evolved from Ponting Engineering Consultants Ltd, has been developed to combat the response to the challenges faced by the electric and hybrid vehicle drives in safely charging and operating their vehicles.

Design & Innovation

Innovative products designed by experienced engineers.

Quality Products

Thoughtfully designed products manufactured using quality components.

Made in UK

Designed & developed in Essex and manufactured in UK.

Our Story

Edion designs, manufactures and sells accessories for the electric vehicle market using our expert knowledge and touching upon personal experiences to produce quality products.

Edion is a brand from Ponting Engineering Consultants Ltd, a product design & engineering consultancy with in house manufacturing. Edion products are made in the UK and we use our experience in engineering, manufacturing and intellectual property to design innovative and technologically advanced products.

We aim to find unique solutions to problems, demonstrated by the many patents successfully granted for our innovative ideas.

The Edion Protect EV Cable Protector has been designed and developed in response to the challenges faced in charging an electric vehicle at home when off street parking is not available. Our cable protectors aim to solve the problem of charging an EV across pavements by offering a safer solution for pedestrians by preventing trip hazards from trailing EV cables as well as protecting the EV cable from accidental damage.

Having the option to charge an electric vehicle at home is also not only more convenient to the EV owner, it is also significantly cheaper.

We strongly support UK manufacturers and suppliers, designing and developing all of our products at our factory in Essex. The Edion Protect Cable Protector and Edion EV Charging Warning Sign are made in the UK.

Using an EV Charger Across a Pavement

Ensure when charging your electric vehicle across a pavement, the EV cable is not a trip hazard.

The Edion Protect EV Cable Protector keeps the cable covered and has three bright yellow stripes to alert pedestrians to a trip hazard.

The non-slip design & the low height of 23mm allows pedestrians and wheelchair users to safely and easily cross the electric vehicle charging cable. The EV cable protector can be cut to size so the full width of the pavement can be covered.

Safer EV Charging

The Edion Protect Outdoor Cable Protector and the Edion EV Cable Trip Hazard Sign offer a solution to the safety issues of electric car charging cables trailing across paths, drives, pavements and garages.

The EV charging cable attaches to the cable protector so not only is this safer, it is also quicker and easier to roll up both cable and protector together once charging is complete.

If you are using a non tethered EV charger, the cable and protector can be stored together in the Edion Cable Storage Bag.

No More Trip Hazards

“At long last, no more worrying about someone tripping up
when I charge my car”

— Sally Jennings

Great Idea!

“Great idea to be able to keep the cable in the protector
when you have finished charging”

— Mr T Harris

Peace of Mind

“With the kids running all over the place this gives me
great peace of mind”

— Ian Taylor