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EV Cable Protectors Designed for EV Charging Across Pavements

Made in UK

Protect Your EV Charging Cable

Use an EV cable protector to prevent trip hazards & accidental damage. Attach your EV cable to the Edion outdoor EV cable protector. Roll out across the pavement or path.

Secure, safe & easy EV charging at home or work.

Edion Protect EV Cable Protector

Premium Quality Outdoor Cable Protector

  • Fits EV cables up to 15mm diameter.
  • Attach the EV cable for increased pedestrian safety & cable security. Cable ties included.
  • Long lasting & flexible outdoor cable protector.
  • Available in various lengths & easy to cut to size.

Safety for EV Charging Cables

Bright yellow stripes, low height, non slip base & gentle slopes for safer EV charging across a pavement, drive, path or garage.

cable protector and ev cable rolled together

Quick & Easy EV Charging

Roll Up the Cable Protector with the EV Cable

As the EV cable is attached to the cable protector, it is very quick and easy to remove the EV cable & cable protector from across the pavement once you've finished charging. The cable protector is flexible so you can easily roll it up with your EV cable.

Easy Cable Storage

The rolled up cable protector and EV cable can be neatly stored in one of our large cable storage bags and can be kept neatly in your car boot.

EV Charging Across Pavements

Increased Pedestrian Safety

The Edion Protect cable protector and the Edion trip hazard warning sign offer a solution to the safety issues of electric car charging cables trailing across pavements, paths, drives and garages.

Edion cable protectors prevent trip hazards & accidental damage.

low height pavement cable protector cover for pavement

Wheelchair, Scooter & Pram Friendly

Designed for Accessibility

  • Low height of 23mm
  • Designed to stay flat to the ground
  • Wider than many other cable protectors
  • Non slip surface

Secure & Safe EV Cable Protector

Attaching your EV cable to the cable protector when charging across a path or pavement prevents accidents and allows wheelchair users, prams, bikes & scooters to cross the cable with ease.

For Electric Vehicles

Designed to fit EV charging cables upto a diameter of 15mm. The EV cable slots under the cable protector and can be attached for safer and easier EV charging. Available in 1.5m, 2.5m, 3.5m & longer continuous lengths.

Unique Feature

By using cable ties to secure the cable into the protector, and the ability to roll the protector and cable together, we can guarantee a safer, more secure & quicker solution to EV charging across paths and pavements.

Stays in Place

The EV charging cable cover has a width of 120mm and the heavyweight design helps the outdoor cable protector remain in place and stay flat to the floor. Suitable for use on concrete, gravel, grass, block paving & many other surfaces.

Pedestrian Friendly

Three bright yellow stripes alert pedestrians. The low height of 23mm and non slip base ensure the electric vehicle charging cable does not cause a trip hazard and can be crossed easily & safely by pedestrians, wheelchairs & prams.